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Jul 21, 2022

DevCentral Connects - July 27, 2022 - Managing Kubernetes Traffic

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  • So a couple takes from the articles we didn't get to today:

    Amazon aquiring One Medical: I find it interesting that Amazon is already so clever at recommending products to me. And now, for Americans, it will be getting into the medical industry. Potential for info to cross (within reason of privacy laws - but I'm sure this will be a line that will be ridden) and influence decisions of buyers. Clever move. Scary but clever.

    Apple CarPlay: We're starting to see the master plan play out. In-car subscription services is a real thing. If you own a Tesla, you already know about buying features via your app as well as subscription services around navigation and connectivity. But Apple and Google owns so much of the rest of the automotive industry otherwise. We've seen it already that once you dominate a marketplace, you can take a cut and call the shots. We can only hope that this drives advancement in car technology as Apple/Google will want to work with non-Tesla car makers to compete against Elon.