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Jun 20, 2023

my three years life in f5 devcentral community

The first contact with the F5 device was on May 25, 2020,The first contact with the devcentral community was on September 1, 2020.

The operation and maintenance environment, F5 LTM and GTM configurations are simple, LTM only use tcp and udp profile, no ssl offload because ssl offload was on nginx,Therefore, there are no major challenges in daily work and life.

In daily life, using BIG VE for experiments,I can't even remember how many email accounts I used to register f5 account to apply for a 30 day trial license.

Over the past two years, I have been conducting experiments and using Python f5-sdk to achieve automatic creation of VS and publishing of GTM wideip a and aaaa domain names locally.

In the past three months, I have been doing things unrelated to F5 during the day and reviewing the F5 exam at night and on weekends. Obtained the following results:

3.27 pass f5-101, 4.7 pass f5-201, 4.21 pass f5-301a, 5.17 pass f5-301b, today 6.20 pass f5-302 exams


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  • That's an impressive number of certificaton in such a short window! 
    Congratulations on your goals xuwen , are you planning to go even further now? 

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      ASM and APM currently have little interaction with my work(This year's job is mainly in charge of routers and switches and firewall configuration), and preparing for these two certification courses will definitely take longer than LTM and GTM. In fact, I want to focus my energy on learning the F5 CIS solution for k8s, basic programming for Go, and commonly used git operations, which are definitely more practical than ASM and APM