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Jun 21, 2023

20th Anniversary message from John Wagnon

ltwagnon had some words to share with the DevCentral community. πŸ˜Š


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  • His constant enthusiasm always impresses me. Here he is about to lead the morning Fun 5k at the Boston Agility, as he led all the fun runs while he was on the team. Maybe next time we have an in-person Agility, buulam will lead it? As far as activities that synch with team member interests, buulam could lead a sparring session, LiefZimmerman could lead a fun cycle, Rebecca_Moloney could lead a fun skate, AubreyKingF5 could lead a fun jam session, JRahm could lead a fun robotics build, and I could lead a fun sit and stitch. πŸ˜‚

    Or we could just stick to making sure attendees get the learning experience they deserve, with some fun on the side. πŸ™‚


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      I would love to gather all the grapplers at a future event and arrange a private session!

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      Those were great fun, some body excerise during several days of mind excerise. And quite a few people joining every time.


  • That time his Doc Brown costume for Hack To The Future was a little more Breaking Bad than Back to the Future. 

    That was such a fun event at the 2018 Agility in Boston. πŸ™‚

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      I loved how willing John was in doing things like this. Super fun for everyone involved.

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      honestly - getting some old Richard Simmons + Bill Nye vibes too. πŸ€£

  • Great for John to show up in the 20 year context.

    Both and the video and that photo brings back very good memories. Not going to forget that soon.