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Jun 01, 2023

My Life in DevCentral

Hi Folks, 
I joined to DevCentral in the beginning of November 2022 from that time a major changes came to my life. 
F5 DevCentral board appreciated me by giving me the Featured member and followed by MVP title, I can not deny how much I felt appreciated and happy.

DevCentral Like the GYM where people go to keep their fitness , DevCentral keeps you fit in F5 products as it considered the better place to practice F5. 

F5 is a unique technology deserves from the one to invest himslf learning this technology. 

I don't know the answers for the most of technical queries from F5 users , but I'm depending on searching to get info helps someone, this helped me much to pass 301a , 301b exams but the most valuable thing you take from DevCentral that it teachs you to help others and this a great value for everyone to present.

I am grateful For F5 and DevCentral Community managers and the whole board! 
DevCental helps me alot , of course it's the right place for F5 and human personality ๐Ÿ™‚  ^_^ 

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  • Congratulations on your achievement!

    Can you share how did you gain your experience in F5? Was it from trainings or through working with F5 products for a long time?


    • Hi LucidCobia , 

      Thanks alot ! 

      Yes I started my career in a system integrator company for F5 products implementations. 
      I got some internal training in the company , also I worked in a project related to F5 WAF for a year from scratch. 

      I got a special experience from DevCentral , I wasn't aware how to solve most of technical issues that posted by F5 users , but with search and labs I have been able to help. 

      Also F5 Technical Articles are the most important gateway to learn be side DevCentral. 

      you can check some trainings in youtube for loadbalancing it's much helpful. 

  • Congratulations again on passing those exams! I know you worked hard for that knowledge, and you're so good about helping people here find the answers they need. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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      thanks alot Leslie_Hubertus , 
      I hope to be able to support more and more in all F5 module. 

      I will be happy to contribute to make F5 DevCentral shines more and more , I believe it's the best place to gain knowledge beside F5 offical Articles.

  • Well done!

    I don't know if it is any comfort but I found the DNS exam to be by far the easiest ๐Ÿ˜

    The options with DNS are limited compared to the other modules, so the pensum is thus more narrow.

    • Thanks lnxgeek , 

      I think 301b is the most difficult exam , not really difficult in Questions , but the main challenge is the Time. 

      I see that exam needs 3 or 4 hours ๐Ÿ˜„ 

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        Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh you are spot on, the 301-series is absolutely the toughest one. It covers functionality with the longest history.

        So, time management is essential for this one ๐Ÿ˜„

        Again, well done ๐Ÿ‘

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    Congratulations on passing the 301b exam. recently I  plan to prepare for the 302 exam