DevCentral MVP Program

Every day, all over the world, smart, passionate people are doing amazing things with their F5 gear and sharing that knowledge with their peers. The DevCentral Community MVP program shines a spotlight on the best, brightest and most active members of our community, and rewards them for their efforts. 

The DevCentral Community MVP is an annual award given to a select cohort of the best, brightest, and most active members of our community - users who actively improve F5 user communities and the broader tech industry by sharing their technical experience and expertise with others. We like to reward people who help make our technical user communities healthy and a place users want to interact, and would like to say thank-you to you specifically for making our communities a valuable resource for all users.

MVPs get a special badge on their profile for the calendar year of their cohort, so users can know at a glance who they are. Among other things, they also get exclusive swag, invitations to technical deep-dive and sneak-preview sessions presented by F5 SMEs, invitations to the MVP Group and are often highlighted in our monthly Featured Member articles. 

Here's the announcement of the 2023 cohort! 

To nominate someone who has helped you to be an MVP, click HERE.

Updated Nov 17, 2023
Version 5.0

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