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DevCentral's Featured Member for April - Mihai Cziraki

Our Featured Member series is a way for us to show appreciation and highlight active contributors in our community. Communities thrive on interaction and our Featured Series gives you some insight on some of our most engaged folks. DevCentral MVP Mi...

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PSilva by Community Manager
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Standard irule that can be used for multiple urls

Here is a usecase I have and I am trying to find a solution for to: am able to get till app1/app2 but the rest just fails ...

rSeries Allow List

Any reason why you can only add single hosts or subnets for the rSeries Allow List? Seems a little crazy to me that you cannot add multiple host variables in the same command line. I have 87 hosts that I need to create for allowing SNMP 161. Maybe th...

prt1969 by Nimbostratus
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BIG-IQ 7.1: Login Using Azure AD as IdP

Is there a manner to use Azure AD as IdP to log onto BIG-IQ?  I can see only Active Directory or LDAP in the list of Auth Provider. Any help would be appreciatedThanks

verons by Nimbostratus
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CVE: Who, What, Where, and When

CVE: Who, What, Where, and When Background A few months ago I wrote “Why We CVE”, wherein I covered the general intention of the CVE program, and more specifically the reasons why F5 publishes CVEs.  After publishing that article the rusty, creaky m...

F5OS AD Integration

I'm not usually the person that sets up the AD integration on our hosts.  The person that normally configures it took one look at the new F5OS (1.4) and, well, I won't repeat their comment here.  I figured how hard can it be.  I think I'm reasonably ...

Leav97 by Altostratus
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F5 Rules for AWS WAF - List of CVE

I have checked the AWS WAF F5 rule - Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) rule on the AWS marketplace, but is there a WAF rule that corresponds to the following CVE?- CVE-2022-24963(

BIG-IP Peer self local IP cannot be ping

Hi Expert,I have a big-ip in HA setting.But if I am in primary one, I cannot ping peer local self IP.I can ping primary local and floating IP. check this link, and I do tcpdump in primary one, I can see I am ...

Radius:avp 97 ipv6

Hi all,I'm trying to get IPv6 address of customer using Radius AVP 97 using iRule, it works fine with IPv4 but IPv6 always return empty field, even for known IPv6 cutomer, here is the start of the scriptwhen CLIENT_ACCEPTED {# 4 for Accounting-Reques...

About Routing

Hello,Here is my structure:My F5 can ping through why Win( can't ping ? Any help is appreciate. 

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Automatic schedule report for APM session logs

Hi Experts,Please guide me to configure Automatic scheduled Access session report for daily basis. (APM)This report has to send to email Id dayily basis which contains the active session ,Landing URI and Geolocation details. -Rkram 

rkram_p by Altostratus
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Resolved! icmp of management firewall

Hello.I was doing a test on the management firewall.I don't want to respond when a client makes an ICMP request to MGMT.I think I can do it by adjusting the settings in "Security Firewall Management-IP-Rules", but it doesn't work.Any suggestions?

Webredirect and URL Rewrite

I have a requirement for users to target an internal url but have it redirect to an external url, while preserving the original URL in the browser. So for example:User targets -> Redirects to -> externalsite@externa...

Verify a certificate before it redirects

I have a website VIP which corresponds ex: and it gets redirected to ex: The certificate on is expiring and I want to know how can I verify if the new cert on is applied without removing the po...

Resolved! SSLO HTTPS conversion to HTTP for NGFW inspection

Hi all,I am new to the bigip SSLO and I was playing around it in order to see if I can enhance my NGFW visibility instead of moving to a bigger box.The BIGIP has been moved as the default gateway for all users and acts as a transparent proxy. All use...

Resolved! Deleting iApp - Pool and VIPs already gone

Hi,I came accross a situation where the VIP and Pool, etc. were created by an iApp.  Strict Updates was disabled and the Pool and VIP was removed outside of the iApp.The iApp is not in use, but I'd like to cleanup.  I was concerned about deleting to ...

Nova by Cirrus
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Introduction of IDS and WAF

This is a beginner's guide of IDS and WAF. It explains the problem of Firewall and how the IDS and WAF covers those problems. To understand the merit of WAF, let’s discuss Firewall and IDS first. Firewall To protect from attack/intrude/breach/compro...


disable http retry

hi experti want to disable http retry by using irule,  what is irule to do this ? 

Noname by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! find specific SNMP OID

Hi All.customer want the OID to query the CPU utilization of a virtual server.can some one help me to get OID for a virtual server. 

websocket configuration

HiI am new in F5 LTM, I would like to know the prerequisites to make an application work with the websocket protocol (WSS), I mean by that:Type of VS ( standard/FastL4/ others) ?Profile  ?Certificate Yes/No ?FYI, I have version 15.x on the F5 , and S...

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