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Would you share a K article with me on camera?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, Community. Do you have a K article you found really useful recently? Would you be willing to meet me in a cloud studio and record  a quick 2 minute blurb on your K, how it was useful?

This is not a first come first served. I need some, so... DM me?  Reply here? In some way, show your interest? 😉

Yes, that is my mulleted high school senior portrait in the cover pic.

Have a great F5 day!


Community Manager
Community Manager

I need to hear more about this mulleted photo, o teammate of mine...

Community Manager
Community Manager

senior pic.jpegakmullet.jpegcollege_ak.jpegak_rockin.jpeg

Was looking at my recently bookmarked F5 articles... Found this one: Running Wireshark captures from F5 BIG-IP.

If K article is a must: K06821426: Viewing BIG-IP ASM request logs from MySQL database 

Awesome hairstyle...

LOL !!! 

Would you be able to go over the ASM one with me on camera??