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Watermelon: to salt, or not to salt?

@JRahm kicked this one off on yesterday's DevCentral Connects livestream - he prefers to eat his watermelon with salt. I prefer plain, pico fruta, or lime and chile.While summer is starting to wind down here in the northern hemisphere, how do you eat...

big ip not find session information in the request

Greetings.When authorizing, I get a message about a lost session and the inability to access the site. After refreshing the page, there is a message big ip not find session information in the requestThere are options?

Happy International Cat Day! (pic thread)

It is the internet, and we generally love cats. Show us your furballs!My coworker Pip has no sense of personal space/boundaries.  My other coworker Squeak is great at holding things (like my desk) down.   

Leslie_Hubertus_1-1659979703449.jpeg Leslie_Hubertus_0-1659979563689.jpeg

Resolved! I made a coaster

Hi there! My friends and family laughed at me for getting a 3D printer since they see it more as a gimmick than something useful. Glad to announce I have (not) proved them wrong, but maybe I will gain some support in this venue for this creation at l...


Week in Review: May 16 - May 20

My weekly thread where we can drop interesting stories, kind notes to those who've helped along the way, personal successes and failures and what you learned from them, etc. I'll add some things as the week progresses, hope you will as well! Last Wee...

JRahm by Community Manager
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Week in Review: May 9 - May 13

Starting a weekly thread where we can drop interesting stories, kind notes to those who've helped along the way, personal successes and failures and what you learned from them, etc. I'll add some things as the week progresses, hope you will as well! ...

JRahm by Community Manager
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Very cool 3D visualization for your Github contributions

https://skyline.github.com/ Mine is pretty boring. Anyone have a lot of contributions to generate a cool visualization? Someone more interesting, Ben Gordon, creator of the F5 VScode plugin - https://skyline.github.com/dumpysquare/2021  

buulam by Community Manager
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Unique reasons for outages

I was going through old photos, and found this one I took in London back in December 2016, after an urban fox somehow found its way 3 stories below ground at our City of London office... and chewed through our fibre, killing our internet until a cont...


Productivity Tips & Tricks

How do you prepare your environment to get and stay "in the zone"? What tools mac/win/linux enhance your productivity?

JRahm by Community Manager
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Job of the Week from March 24, 2022 show

Hi Everyone, on the recent live stream on March 24, I highlighted a number of job postings that we have in Poland. We did have 19 jobs but it has shrunk to 6. Still some great roles! Just head to f5.com/careers and filter by Poland.  

buulam by Community Manager
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#Flashback to 2006 for FirePass SSLVPN Demo

#Flashback to 2006 when 4:3 was the norm! I'm with Colin Walker for a demo of FirePass SSL VPN for DevCentral wearing my 'We Keep the Dot Com On!' t-shirt. Check out that Screen Capture!!

PSilva by Legacy Employee
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F5 Job of the Week - February 24, 2022

On this week's DevCentral Connects, I shared a "Job of the Week". Solutions Engineer II based in the Virginia, USA area. Hiring Manager: John Shin Solutions Engineer is a pre-sales role and the role I held at F5 for a long time so I can speak to it w...

buulam by Community Manager
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Awkward Family Photos…

We like to have fun when we get together as a team here at DevCentral, even though it's been quite awhile with the pandemic. Here's one from years ago, and yes, the 80's called and they want their creepy school pictures glamour pose back! @Chase_Abb...

JRahm by Community Manager
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2022 Predictions

You can check out @PSilva' s Top 10 Top Predictions for 2022 and make sure you catch the replay of today's DevCentral Connects as well. What are your personal, professional, or general industry predictions for 2022? I'll post some below the video I d...

JRahm by Community Manager
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Official DevCentral Wordle Thread 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

Many of us on the DevCentral team are playing Wordle but in an effort to keep from spinning up a new thread each day, we'll just post our scores in this single thread  Wordle 221 4/6 

buulam by Community Manager
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How are we planning to organise content here?

Hi There,There is a LOT of inbound content coming over. How are you planning to organise it all?Forums? Keywords?Labels?Can you advise on the plan for content organisation and the planned page navigation strategy?Thanks!

Wordle & Oodle

Ok community, who's into the wordle/oodle fad? The oodle's bug me that the numbers that aren't in a mathematically significant place have to be arranged properly.

JRahm by Community Manager
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Asking for advice on a career in cybersecurity

Hi F5ers, I hope you are doing well. After getting F5 401 and 402 certified, and working with many security solutions during the last 13 years, I am planning to go deeper into other cybersecurity fields, like security auditing, governance and complia...

Welcome and howdy!

Hey DevCentral, The water cooler forum is a net new feature we thought would be a nice place for our community members to explore other subjects. Let your geek flag fly*? Lief Zimmerman We don't award any sorts of points for kudos or other content he...