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Behind the Firewall

Behind the Firewall: The Emotional Odyssey of a Cybersecurity Professional, Confronting Imposter Syndrome, People Pleasing, and Friendship Turbulence From the early days of my career, when I transitioned from an engineering background to the intrigui...

F5 - Certification Path - Beginner

Hi F5 Enthusiasts,First of all, I dont have any certifications from F5 and yet I plan to take to help my career grow. I've been managing F5 LTM and APM on my current company so I am quite familiar on their use and basically load balancing. But now I ...

ProTip - Step away from your bias

Posted this on the socials, but wanted to document here as well... #ProTip - Constant struggle when learning new tech: stepping back and analyzing what is, rather than what is perceived. It's super easy to point finger at what is new and unknown and ...

JRahm by Community Manager
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TIL - Why do they call it a Cookie?

In a conversation with my 17yo a couple days ago about TikTok unique views I proposed that it would be easy(er) to count unique views because they don't have to rely on cookies the way a website might. 17 - A cookie?Me - Yeah - a cookie is a little i...

Any Makers in the house?

Came across this spectrum analyzer project and thought that this would be a cool project with my producer son...anyone build cool crap like this?

JRahm by Community Manager
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First 3D Print Experience

My first real 3D print after the exposure tests. I had fun printing this.. 13 hours, solid object, using lychee slicer software on an Elegoo Saturn 2 Resin printer. I am Groot!  


Starship Launching in 45 minutes!!

I've been a fan of all things air and space since I can remember. Lego models, plastic models of air and space craft, Estes model rockets I'd shoot off with my dad at a friend's nearby farm. the thrills of the space shuttle launches, the tragedy of t...

JRahm by Community Manager
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load balancing between different ISP

hello,I have a new implementation For F5 GTM and LTM to use  both of them to load balance between different ISP, how can make this implementation to make load balancing for outbound traffic, 

Amr_Ali by Cirrostratus
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Happy palindrome day (week and a half, really) to those who generally write the date in d/m/y format.While I freely admit I prefer m/d/y, I'll often simply write out the date so there's no ambiguity with an international group - because what is 4/9/2...

Resolved! Happy Pi Day!

"March 14 marks Pi Day, an annual celebration of the mathematical sign pi. Founded in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw, March 14 was selected because the numerical date (3.14) represents the first three digits of pi, and it also happens to be Albert Ein...


chill beats to relax/study to

Lately I've been on that lofi/chillhop bandwagon while I'm working. The laidback but energetic vibe is perfect for propelling me through the day. You may have seen it before but the most famous one is this lofi girl channel:     There are lofi and c...

SpaceX 33-Engine Static Fire...

Who's ready for tomorrow? WOOHOO....been waiting forever for this. Super jealous of my parents right now, they are camping on Padre across the water from Starbase for the month of February to escape the last full month of winter up here.

JRahm by Community Manager
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Router/mesh recs?

Hi DevCentral community, it's your friendly neighborhood content manager! My ancient router is struggling to keep up with my work from home/ stream everything / play every video game lifestyle.  Anyone have recommendations for a new router or router/...


Lisa computer turns 40, Apple releases source code

I thought it might interest some folks here. Did anyone here use it back in the day?   Computer History Museum given permission to release Apple Lisa source code "Happy 40th Birthday to Lisa! The Apple Lisa computer, that is. In celebration of this m...

A cross over between cyber security and F1

Like many others in North America, I got interested in F1 after watching Drive to Survive on Netflix in 2020. It was interesting to see Max Verstappen participate in this event, only to have been booted from a DDoS and then retiring the car. https://...

buulam by Community Manager
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Resolved! My Holiday Project

I had two weeks off finally after two years. When I mean off, I mean it. No responsibilities except to feed, clothe and entertain myself and our ridgeback labrador "Timmy" who clocks in at 50kg. Since we are saving for a house and family went to Euro...


Do You Play An Instrument?

If so, I'd love for you to contribute a track for This Month In Security, the music video. It's "community music," whatever that means, so if you have a compelling idea and send me media, I will try to incorporate and re-cut it! Here's what we got s...


Would you share a K article with me on camera?

Hey, Community. Do you have a K article you found really useful recently? Would you be willing to meet me in a cloud studio and record  a quick 2 minute blurb on your K, how it was useful? This is not a first come first served. I need some, so... DM ...

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Artistry of Networking

I was just answering a question and giving suggestions to new people starting the F5 journey. I mean only the passionate get this far as we delve deeper into the protocols than anyone. This led to a moment of reflection I though I would share. "I cou...

A Wednesday in November at DevCentral.

Everybody has a behind-the-scenes story I think.@Rebecca_Moloney shared this with us earlier today."I wanna know more about the four instances of people accessing DevCentral from their gaming console." @buulam then put it to his network on LinkedIn....

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Ok I really need to try this tomorrow... https://github.com/joschuck/matrix-webcam

buulam by Community Manager
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MemeLief Contest

I'm not sure where this will go but there is just too much material here to let the opportunity pass by. Yesterday my family and I went to our local state fair and one of the splurges my youngest and I indulged in was a ride called the slingshot (you...

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Happy Star Trek Day!

Today is Star Trek Day! I know there's got to be at least one or two Trekkies in the community so let's celebrate 56 years of Star Trek together.  Get in the comments and tell us your favorite Star Trek series and favorite quote (if you have one). I ...

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Watermelon: to salt, or not to salt?

@JRahm kicked this one off on yesterday's DevCentral Connects livestream - he prefers to eat his watermelon with salt. I prefer plain, pico fruta, or lime and chile.While summer is starting to wind down here in the northern hemisphere, how do you eat...