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Virtual server connection limite through iRule



Need iRule help connection limite and redirection


Requirement : we have two set of pool A & B, pool A having 8 nodes, Pool B having 3 node


We have to limit the connection 3000 on pool A and renaming new connection flow to pool B


If the active connection is less than 3000 new connection flow to pool A


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

You can probably reference this other DevCentral post to get most of the way to your goal,


The iRule below is an example I created but has not been tested for functionality or requirements.


when RULE_INIT { set ::active_connections 0 set ::max_connections 3000 } when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { #Check if we're over the maximum allowed connections if {$::active_connections > $::max_connections } { # We're over the max, send to pool B pool B } else { # We're not over the max, so send to Pool A and increment active_connections incr ::active_connections 1 pool A } } when CLIENT_CLOSED { # A connection was closed, so decrement the global counter incr ::active_connections -1 }