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vCMP hotfix procedure



Do we need to install hotfix on vCMP host as well or only guests? 


It depends on what will be fixed with the hotfix. For example, if you want to install a hotfix to fix a vulnerablity that applies to how the F5 handles HTTP::redirect or HTTP::respond commands, then you will only need to install this on the vCMP guests, because the vCMP host will not handle such traffic. If a hotfix will fix a memory issue, than it could be relevant to both the vCMP host and vCMP guests.  

While F5 recommends that you configure your vCMP host to run the same BIG-IP version as the latest version used by any of its vCMP guests, it should be possible to run a vCMP guest with a newer version than the vCMP host. So a vCMP guest may run a version that needs a hotfix, while the vCMP host doesn't, or vice versa.