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Upgrade V14 - Appears SNAT pool IP's were added to Self-IP list and now used by Automap SNAT


In the process of upgrading to version 14.

We have a couple SNAT pools used on virtual servers to provide a pool of source addresses.


we defined them with self-ip addresses in traffic-group-1. 


So does this now become another IP that can be picked up for other virtual servers who are marked for SNAT Automap? It seems it does..



So maybe these pool IP's can't be defined as Self-IP's? or should they be local only?

we did this because it seemed that a GARP wasn't being issued by the active member.


Have others experienced this? So the IP's in SNAT pools used by other virtual servers are then also used by virtual servers that are set for SNAT Automap.


Is there a way to set the IP's for the Automap or is it anything that is in the traffic-group-1?