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Not showing learning suggestion for illegal parameter


In our application we had a URL "/bc/login" for which default json profile was applied. In default json profile parse parameter option was not enabled. As a result f5 was not able to see parameters in that URL. Now we have created a new json profile in which parse parameter option is enabled and now we tagged that json profile to "/bc/login" URL. Now I am seeing requests are blocking as "illegal parameter" violation is triggered and in event log I am also seeing those illegal parameters. But in those blocked requests there is no suggestion to accept those illegal parameter though I am using automatic learning. So I have added those parameters manually in that URL. But I want to learn those parameters automatically. So what is the reason for not providing any learning suggestion?




There are many reasons why the learning suggestion was not generated. Please read this Chapter in the F5 ASM manual to understand how the Learning process works and in which cases learning suggestions will not be generated: