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Iquery connection with translation address


Hi All,

I need some help to understand the iquery connection to translation address . For example 

Address :

Transalation address

F5 will initiate the traffic to or , As my understanding F5 device initiate the traffic to to establish the iquery.

But on the device i could see F5 initiate the traffic to translation address.

is there any document to refer which destination iquery mesh will connect when translation address.


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Your understanding is correct. This behavior is documented here:

Did you run the bigip_add command after configuring the BIG-IP as a server object? That is required for iQuery to behave properly. What version of TMOS are you running?

Version is 14.1.x , I could see the iquery traffic to translation address .

But when i run the command show gtm iquery ,it connected with actual server address not translate address .