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Image installation status audited


Hello there,

I'm upgrading a Viprion's guest and during the installation of the ISO on the new volume I'm facing this situation:


Sys::Software Status

Volume  Slot  Product  Version   Build  Active   Status


HD1.1    1   BIG-IP   0.0.4   no   installing 77.000 pct

HD1.2    1   BIG-IP   14.1.4  0.0.11   yes        audited


I never saw before the installation status "Audited". I searched for but I have not found information about.

Anyone know about this behaviour?


Thank you very much



Can you check the liveinstall.log. It will give some clue.


tail /var/log/liveinstall.log

Interesting, i've seen complete, failed, waiting, installing etc, but audited never 😐

As mentioned by  check the install.log file for errors.


BTW, its already in Active status as yes, are you facing any issue. I dont see any articles for the same, try opening a support case if required.


Thank you fKiller and jaikumar_f5,


I already check the liveinstall.log, and I have found nothing. No "audited" mentioned...

Either during the installation than at the end, no problem was noticed.

I'm not worry about, but since it is a behavior I never saw I would like looking into.


Thank you again, have a great day 🙂

Thanks lets close this thread then. Please mark your answer as solution provided.


     can you please make/share some KB articles for these Installation status states with more details. Thanks in advance.

Hi   I'm afraid I couldn't locate any details on this particular status either. I would suggest opening a support ticket so an F5 Support Engineer can look into this within their resources. Thanks

@buulam /

 Thank you.


I actually have not yet had an answer 🙂 ... Can we wait a little more in order to see if anyone has information about?

I'm sorry, i thought its not an issue anymore. I apologize.

Lets wait for the community to respond ✌️

F5 Employee
F5 Employee

This is caused by a file present (/shared/noupgrade) that signals to lind (the lind process manages software installation and volume creation tasks) that software installation tasks cannot occur. If this file inadvertently remains on the system, then it prevents lind from proceeding, and boot volumes show the status audited.

If this file is present, it can be deleted.


# rm /shared/noupgrade
# tmsh show sys software


on a multi-blade system, use clsh


# clsh rm /shared/noupgrade
# tmsh show sys software