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Image installation status audited


Hello there,

I'm upgrading a Viprion's guest and during the installation of the ISO on the new volume I'm facing this situation:


Sys::Software Status

Volume  Slot  Product  Version   Build  Active   Status


HD1.1    1   BIG-IP   0.0.4   no   installing 77.000 pct

HD1.2    1   BIG-IP   14.1.4  0.0.11   yes        audited


I never saw before the installation status "Audited". I searched for but I have not found information about.

Anyone know about this behaviour?


Thank you very much



Can you check the liveinstall.log. It will give some clue.


tail /var/log/liveinstall.log

Interesting, i've seen complete, failed, waiting, installing etc, but audited never 😐

As mentioned by  check the install.log file for errors.


BTW, its already in Active status as yes, are you facing any issue. I dont see any articles for the same, try opening a support case if required.


Thank you fKiller and jaikumar_f5,


I already check the liveinstall.log, and I have found nothing. No "audited" mentioned...

Either during the installation than at the end, no problem was noticed.

I'm not worry about, but since it is a behavior I never saw I would like looking into.


Thank you again, have a great day 🙂

Thanks lets close this thread then. Please mark your answer as solution provided.


     can you please make/share some KB articles for these Installation status states with more details. Thanks in advance.

Hi   I'm afraid I couldn't locate any details on this particular status either. I would suggest opening a support ticket so an F5 Support Engineer can look into this within their resources. Thanks

@buulam /

 Thank you.


I actually have not yet had an answer 🙂 ... Can we wait a little more in order to see if anyone has information about?

I'm sorry, i thought its not an issue anymore. I apologize.

Lets wait for the community to respond ✌️