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F5 APM with ping federate using multiple URLs with indexing




We have a configuration request wherein one policy would be applied to the VS and access to multiple applications will be controlled.

F5 is being used as SP and ping federate as idp. Ping federate claims they have an indexing feature which makes this possible but I am unable to find any related documentation to understand this..


if this is even supported or we're just trying something totally not possible..?


This thread from 5 yrs ago says AML AssertionConsumerServiceIndex and AttributeConsumingServiceIndex is not supported. But I wasn't able to find that RFE bug id on the bug tracker..


"Are you looking to have APM act as SAML SP and be able to use ACS Service Index? Can you please describe your desired use case and why your IDP is using this? APM does not support this today for SP side(it can though use multiple ACS indexes when acting as IDP). Please open support case with F5 and ask for your request to be linked to bug id 572455 which tracks this as an RFE"