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Exchange 2013 not working through iapp template


Hi all,


We have F5 deployed on VM, with version 13.0.0. We had configured exchange/owa 2010 through template(f5.microsoft_exchange_2010_2013_cas.v1.6.2). Now we have upgraded exchange server to 2013 and keeping all other options same on f5 we only changed exchange server to 2013 from 2010, since then all our pool members went in offline state which had monitors:- ad/as/ews/oa/owa_http_monitor. For time being we again changed to 2010 in f5 and all we can see was pool members in available state. Can anyone help why is this happening?


Thanks in advance!!!


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Hi Cleophus,


If the health monitors are marking the pool members down and there were no changes made on the F5 then my guess would be that either the upgraded exchange servers aren't responding to the health checks at all or they aren't responding with a response that the health monitor is expecting. My recommendation would be to review the monitor settings (send string and receive string) and then take a packet capture of the monitor traffic to see how the server is responding to the health checks. The following article might be useful as well.


K12531: Troubleshooting health monitors

-Nathan F