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BigIP Failover Problem




My name is Jon and I am having a problem with regards my two servers on wo should be running as a Primary machine.


Let me tell you a brief history of our BigIP machines.



We have two BigIP Servers BigIP1 (B1) and BigIP2 (B2)


1. B1 is configured to be the Primary at the beginning and B2 as Secondary


2. After sometime B2 was configured to be Primary and B1 as secondary and this works fine and both were serving their purpose and roles as expected


3. When the GeoIP pack was updated on B2. The problem on who to stand as a Primary server arised. B2 fails over to B1 and B1 fails over to B2 (B1 and B2 does not have any hardware or software issues).


4. For the time being B1 was removed from its Load balancing role so that B2 can not fail over to it and see itself as the only one alive.


5. Everytime B1 is loaded, the same failover problem arises.


Now, putting the hardware issues apart (assuming hardware, software and physical links between B1 and B2 is ok). Is there a way to configure them that B2 should take its role as the Primary load Balancer and not B1, are there steps to take or configuration changes to make them work as we intended them to be.






F5 Employee
F5 Employee
have you checked /var/log/ltm? i think the failover reason could be shown there.