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Irule http/https help

i have just inherited a website that has not SSL encryption. They heard how we do our encryption via BIGIP and they asked me if i could just redirect all of thier http requests to https. Programming apparently is not my forte, and i've tried variuos...

Help with a difficult irule.

 This is not http, but rather a proprietary protocol. Here is the scenario.   The first packet of the request comes in with a string identifying the desired slot.    On connect, check a table (probably data group) and if the string is not matched,...

data gets lost when URL redirect

I want to implement a URL redirect for the following URL:   Destination is:   The purpose of this page is that a user may post XML data, which is put into th...

TheManu by Nimbostratus
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Scheduling the virtual server

hi    I am looking for Scheduling the Virtual server for specific time for a specific destination (ftp server on the internet)   Product Link Controller.   customer has bustable bandwith up to 20 mbps, but customer wants to make use of the bustable b...

list and RULE_INIT

We have multiple servers with the same content. Each server has its own certificate assigned.  What I am try to achieve is a round robin load balance of redirects to these HTTPS servers.  One of the problems is that there is no checking that the serv...

How to add Wide IP?

I can use Link Configuration->Inbound LB->Add to add a Wide IP and it work perfect, but i want to use iControl API to do this.  I has using add_pool_virtual_server,add_wideip,add_pool,but nothing to happen..  Could anybody tell me how to work it?

Redirecting http to https over dns (host header)

Hello,  i have a problem with mit iis.   I have one ip with any host header domains.   i will redirect web request to redirecting  to   My problem, i don´t redirecting the ip because the other domains  n...

Big IP as default Gateway

I have server that is confgiured with the big ip as its default gateway    but these server cant reach any network outside its networks   so do we have to create routes on the LTM or something

engtmk by Nimbostratus
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PLEASE HELP SNAT conditionnel and traffic redirection

 hi everybody,   as i'm not familiar with i-rules, i really need you help to correcte my i'rule cause the site is at risk.   I have created a strandard virtual serveur for the http traffic (80) and an i'rule so as to redirect all the traffic http to...

Variable Scope & Lifetime

I am relatively new to iRule development and I need a little help understanding variable scope. My main objective is to understand how I pass values from the HTTP_REQUEST event to the HTTP_RESPONSE event for a single HTTP handshake. Here is an exampl...

case-sensitive URL redirection - Code conversion

Hi all,   I have created the iRule below with the help of users on this forum in version 4.x, however we also have LBs with version 9.x. Please help me in converting this to version 9.x?    Basically when a someone connects using the URL "http://www....

DM_5174 by Nimbostratus
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TCL runtime error with persist lookup

Hi,   We are using an iRule to manage users between 2 pools of servers, based on various bespoke rules.   When the requests are from cookie-enabled clients, we can successfully use cookies to keep the session (& repeat visits) sticky to a particular ...

HTTP Profile stops https working

Hello,   Please help?   We have configured the F5 loadbalancer with a virtual server to serve two web servers.   Using http profile we are able to access the web servers on port 80, send and recieve web pages. We have enabled X-Forwarded-For to allo...

SAN/F5/Solaris Implementation

Hello,  I am assisting a Plano based client is in need of a SAN, F5 Implementation Engineer for a 7 month contract. If you would like to be considered, please reply with your word resume, rate requirement and availability.    Scope of Work: Implement...


Hi,   I would like to implement iRule which will able to forward traffic from one VIP to another VIP on the same LTM Big IP. I'm using the version 9.3 and I cannot use the [virtual] command.   Thank you in advance,  robert

Installation of Hotfixes

Does it matter in which order the hotfixes have been installed?   Is that an issue when you have master with slaves?   Could this cause some trouble, like not replicating admin password changes to all the boxes?

syslog-ng + interface mgmt

Hello,   I have set syslog-ng on an F5 LTM. udp traffic was going thought 1.1 interface and not mgmt.   So i have set a specific route to force routing through eth0 for syslog server destination and add the command line on rc.local.   This work now b...

rewrite absolute URI to relative URI

we are having difficulty with a Virtual Server, that is configured for SSL server off-load. Most clients work, however we have one (the most important (of course) that comes through a Proxy). The Squid Proxy makes a call using an absolute URI with ...

Conidtional SNATing

I am a little confused I wrote an irule to perform SNATs for certain IP's and not for other IP's. The irule I wrote is as follows:   when CLIENT_ACCEPTED {  if { [matchclass [IP::client_addr] equals $::NO_SNAT] } {   forward   ...

FTP irule

I am currently running v9.4.1 and need an irule that will be able to use an FTP profile when FTP traffic hits the virtual server but disable the rule when FTP traffic is not present. This should allow for me to SSH, Telnet, or anything else to the s...

FTP set up through LTM

I am unable to find any information concerning setup of the LTM to LB both active and passive FTP.   Does anyone have any documentation regarding this, pleas?   Thank you. 

I want to know details of OneConnect.

When is the the server-side connection marked as reusable?   The HTTP 1.1 client is opening a Keep-Alive connection and sending multiple requests on the same connection.   Does not the server-side connection marked as reusable while the client-side K...

eav with curl doing posts

I'm trying to copy the EAV example shown in the monitoring examples. The EAV keeps failing and I'm trying to troubleshoot. When I run curl from cli to test using the syntax below I think I get the correct redirect   curl -fNs http://:8882/jde/E1Men...

Simple URL redirect

I just want a request from to redirect to I dont want to change anything that might be after the url.   Will this do the trick?   when HTTP_REQUEST {   if { [HTTP::host] equals ""} {   HTTP::head...

iRule to SNAT Server

I am very inexperienced in writing iRules.  Background: there are virtual severs that serve our web servers and virtual servers that serve our database server. The Web and DB servers are on different VLANs and the layer-3 switch will be in between...

Monitoring based on headers

Is there anyway of monitoring website based on headers   here is my example    i have three load balanced webservers each hosting three websites with three different headers .i want to monitor these three based on the header suppose if one website w...