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Community Manager
Community Manager

Tuesday, May 24th marks the first DCC for me to be an "official" cast member! I'm taking over the vacant chair left by Mr. John Wagnon, as our DCC security specialist. Having seen John in the community for years and years, it seems like a daunting task, but I've got some great people to learn from, for sure.

Back in 2008 or so, I was introduced to F5 as a customer and, at the time, was very much an Open Source zealot. I shied away from purchasing anything at all besides servers to run Linux on. I was truly moved by F5's community website and began my transition to becoming an F5 zealot when I found this gem of an article that comletely changed the health and performance of my massive scale SaaS implementation.

It's awesome to have my first livestream be a Top5, as the crew had me test out my chops with a Top5 for March:

It was the first thing I did in my new home studio, though, so I had to come to grips with moving on from my old Blue Yeti mic and get down to business with a spare Shure SM-57 I had from my snare drum.

I'm truly honored to join this cast of characters, @buulam@JRahm & @PSilva and will work to deliver the best community focused security content possible.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the show! 🙂 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Came here looking for this - didn't find it - took matters into my own hands.


Welcome @AubreyKingF5 

Community Manager
Community Manager

I need to like that @LiefZimmerman! Where's my article comment like button? 😁

Super excited to have you on the team, @AubreyKingF5. This feels like an appropriate Dude Perfect moment...Let's Go!!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@JRahm - glad you liked it.

There are a couple of times now when I'd like to do the same on an Article (kudo a specific reply) but it's not baked into the I guess we have to just reply, at least for now.

Similar/related to this Suggestion made by @Kevin_Davies -

upvote there if you like?

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