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Release Announcement

12 July 2016

We are pleased to announce that F5's OpenStack product suite has been functionally tested and released for use in OpenStack Mitaka. Information regarding the Mitaka releases, as well as releases for the F5 OpenStack product suite for Kilo and Liberty, is provided below.

F5 LBaaSv1

  • Release v9.0.1 introduces functionality in OpenStack Mitaka for Neutron LBaaSv1.

F5 LBaaSv2 

F5 OpenStack Heat


  • Release v9.0.1 of the F5 Heat Plugins introduced functionality in OpenStack Mitaka.
  • Release v9.0.2 introduces two (2) new resource plugins used in conjunction with clustering: F5::Cm::Sync and F5::Sys::Save.
  • Release v7.0.4 and v8.0.3 introduce the 
     plugins for OpenStack Kilo and LIberty, respectively. 



We welcome bug reports via the Issues page for each project on GitHub:  

- The F5 OpenStack Product Team 

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