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Below is a quick summary for BIG-IP Cluster Upgrade

1- force-offline the standby unit
2- import the  new release
3- install the new release
4- reload after installation
5- online the standby unit
6- force-standby the active unit
7- force-offline the standby unit
8- import the  new release
9- install the new release
10- reload after installation
11- online the standby unit
12- review cluster configuration



some additional thoughts from the field:



Study the release notes for known issues and changed behaviour and cross check with the own setup / environment.



Make sure to check the service date, refresh the license and create a backup archive before running the upgrade, please.



Verify settings for db keys (liveinstall.*):



tmsh list sys db liveinstall.*



Have a serial console attached (remaining in the default settings @19.200 8N1 or at least a configured AOM accessible via SSH).


In v11 you can easily monitor the failover state on the remaining unit by running:



watch -d -n 1 tmsh show cm traffic-group



Keep in mind to update EUD and AOM as well, please.



Have a plan for fallback.
Thanks Stephan Manthey
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