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Status: Delivered

What I really miss is to have a chance to filter by "no responses" in the Technical Forum (anyway, I admit this filter doesn't make sense in the rest of the forums).

Status changed to: Needs Info
Community Manager
Community Manager

@Dario_Garrido - that is on my roadmap to make better.

In the meantime - here is a possible workaround. I'm interested in how well this works.

  1. Empty Search (or search term you are interested in)
  2. Click Advanced
  3. Select Topics with No Replies
  4. Filter by Location = Technical Forum
  5. Optional Sorted By values on the right



That's true, I just noticed it. It bring value and needs to be added back. A lot of unanswered questions gets submerged.

Thanks @LiefZimmerman, this workaround is great 😉👍

Status changed to: Accepted
Community Manager
Community Manager

Great news. (and thank you so much for your continuing help in the community).😎
I'm changing this suggestion to Accepted, because in my mind this is still just a workaround and having this filter in the main search (or somewhere highlighted easy) is clear and obvious.


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Just a thought... is it possible to have a dropdown for something with "Least..." like we have for "Most Commented", etc.. if we had a way to easily do "Least Commented" "Least Viewed"... 

Community Manager
Community Manager

I don't have anything like that out of the box right now; but I'll take a look.
I *DID* make this wee-update last week but failed to update this IDEA - so thanks for reminding me.



Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

Recently put this in the header - a few slight tweaks coming in the next few days.

LiefZimmerman_0-1672435061023.pngMarking as Delivered.