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Status: Accepted

Hi team,

yesterday I was accessing this forum question:

The iRule formatting is broken. I have seen this in a couple of other forum posts too. I managed to figure it out, since the iRule is rather short. But for longer iRules it is cumbersome.
Is there a way to access them on the old platform with the correct formatting? If this old platform still exists at all...


Status changed to: Accepted
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for this suggestion Daniel.

This is a known issue that we are working to resolve systematically (with a script)- it'll take a bit to make sure we can get it done safely.
In the meantime I've made the edit necessary to put the one you mentioned into TCL syntax.

If / when you find others like this that you really want fixed let us know by reporting the content as inappropriate?



Community Manager
Community Manager

There is a known issue with SOME of these updates; certain characters may cause un-save-able content. It has been acceptad as a bug by our platform engineering team (in the black box behind what our devs can control locally). I expect several weeks to pass before it will be fixed.

When I get word that it is fixed I'll report back here.