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Status: Delivered

Hi team,

yesterday I was accessing this forum question:

The iRule formatting is broken. I have seen this in a couple of other forum posts too. I managed to figure it out, since the iRule is rather short. But for longer iRules it is cumbersome.
Is there a way to access them on the old platform with the correct formatting? If this old platform still exists at all...


Status changed to: Accepted
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for this suggestion Daniel.

This is a known issue that we are working to resolve systematically (with a script)- it'll take a bit to make sure we can get it done safely.
In the meantime I've made the edit necessary to put the one you mentioned into TCL syntax.

If / when you find others like this that you really want fixed let us know by reporting the content as inappropriate?



Community Manager
Community Manager

There is a known issue with SOME of these updates; certain characters may cause un-save-able content. It has been acceptad as a bug by our platform engineering team (in the black box behind what our devs can control locally). I expect several weeks to pass before it will be fixed.

When I get word that it is fixed I'll report back here.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Daniel_Wolf - @JRahm spent some cycles setting up a script to tactically resolve these formatting issues across the site. He got the bulk of them, the ones with consistent "regex", to find and fix the formatting issues.

There are still a couple hundred that are more manual.

I *think* that should be good enough to close this suggestion as delivered? Agree? 

Hi @LiefZimmerman,

yes, agree, can be closed. Thanks a lot to both of you.

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager


Many thanks to you @Daniel_Wolf for logging the suggestion (ignoring for the moment how long it took for us to get there).
And thanks to @JRahm for sorting it out with the script.