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Problem this snippet solves:

This is a utility created for the purpose of producing large numbers of virtual servers, including pools. This was created to make our testing efforts easier.


For MakeVips and DeleteVips to work, the following files need the following edits:

  1. ltmbigip-config.yml needs to be updated with the correct IP address of the LTM and the username and password.
  2. LocalLB.Pool.wsdl needs to have the IP address on the second to last line of the file updated to the correct IP of the LTM
  3. LocalLB.VirtualServer.wsdl needs to have the IP address on the second to last line of the file updated to the correct IP of the LTM

How to use this snippet:

Tool Usage

Add Virtual Servers

MakeVips.rb namePrefix numberOfVIPs vipStartIP port ipsPerPool poolStartIP

This will create numberOfVIPs virtual servers on the BIG-IP. These virtual servers will have names that begin with namePrefix. Each VIP will answer on its own IP address beginning with vipStartIP and counting up. The IP addresses roll over at their boundaries. Every VIP will answer on the specified port. Every VIP will have its own unique pool containing ipsPerPool number of IP addresses as members. These nodes begin at poolStartIP IP address and count up just as the VIP IP addresses do. There will be numberOfVips multiplied by ipsPerPool number of nodes created by this utility.

Delete Virtual Servers

DeleteVips.rb namePrefix numberOfVIPs

This will delete the first numberOfVIPs virtual servers from the BIG-IP beginning with namePrefix, along with the pools associated with those virtual servers, assuming that they were created with the same utility as described above.

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‎09-Mar-2015 13:50
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