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For anyone interested about the free traning for  "F5 Container Connector for Kubernetes" or "F5 OpenShift Container Integration"  at "LearnF5". For NGINX being installed in Kubernetes there is enough info but for F5 Contaner Connector/Container Ingress Services there is not so much:

F5 Devcentral also has youtube channel with usefull info:

If you don't have good knowledge about containers and kubernetes then first check the links below. For Docker containers in youtube you will find a lot of good training for example:

The same is true for Kubernetes and they have a free test lab on their site:

Red Hat has some free training and IBM provides some free labs for Containers, Kubernetes, Openshift etc.:


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Community Manager

As always, nice contribution! I moved a couple links around so they were in the right

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Community Manager

Great compilation @Nikoolayy1 !!