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BigIP Report

Problem this snippet solves: Overview This is a script which will generate a report of the BigIP LTM configuration on all your load balancers making it easy to find information and get a comprehensive overview of virtual servers and pools connected t...

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Web UI Tweaks

Problem this snippet solves:This snippet adds UI tweaks to v12 (for v13 and v14 devices, use the BETA). It's been tested by me, but use it at your own risk. :) Here's a list of what it does: Pool improvementsPool list member statuses When the pools ...

Block IP after a number of ASM Blocks

Problem this snippet solves:There is no reason to let Attacker hand over all information at once.How to use this snippet:Add the iRule to the virtual Server and activate iRule after ASM Block in the ASM Profile.Please let me know if you need help wit...

Nicox99 by Nimbostratus
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FQDN nodes in non-default route domains

Problem this snippet solves:Currently there is no support for FQDN nodes in non-default route domains as per Article. With recent increase in cloud deployment, most of the time there is a requirement from F5 to load balance to servers or ELB in the ...

Export GTM/DNS Configuration in CSV - tmsh cli script

Problem this snippet solves:This is a simple cli script used to collect all the WideIP, LB Method, Status, State, Pool Name, Pool LB, Pool Members, Pool Fall back, Last Resort pool info in CSV format.A sample output would be like below,One can custom...

Force BotDefense Captcha on Specified URL

Problem this snippet solves:This iRule will force BotDefense to (if it hasn't already) throw up a captcha for a specified URL. This can be helpful when mitigating an attack or for general spam protection purposes.How to use this snippet:The iRule can...

CVE-2021 Checker iApp

Problem this snippet solves:OverviewThis iApp shows you at a glance the vulnerability status of your BIG-IP against the March 2021 CVEs. This is based on the software version mainly and the modules provisioned, appliance mode etc, it does not look at...

Example OWASP Top 10-compliant declarative WAF policy

Problem this snippet solves:This is an example of a basic declarative BIG-IP WAF policy that is OWASP Top 10-compliant. This policy can be used as a starting point for a production-ready version. A companion Dev Central article discussing this polic...

Managing Subsets of Data-Group Records with BIGREST

Problem this snippet solves:This script uses iControl REST with the options query parameter to pass records data to the tmsh command for data-groups so individual records can be added/modified/removed since the records themselves are not a subcollect...

JRahm by Community Manager
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DNS over HTTP iApp

Problem this snippet solves:DNS over HTTP is a way of resolving DNS over an encrypted HTTPS stream meaning that service providers can't intercept and modify the responses.This iApp creates an iRule which performs resolution of DNS over HTTPS (DoH) tr...

Using a BIG-IP EAV external monitor to monitor HTTP/2 h2c servers

Problem this snippet solves:IntroductionBeginning in BIG-IP 14.1.0, F5 provides full proxy (client and server side) support for the HTTP/2 protocol. HTTP/2 connections can run over HTTP without TLS in plaintext or HTTPS with TLS encryption. h2 is the...

Kin by F5 Employee
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iRule Event Order Flowchart

Problem this snippet solves The original contributions are from HTTP Event Order -- Access Policy Manager - DevCentral ( I have updated this code example to use so that anyone can update diagram for required changes. Attempt to diagram...


20 Lines or Less

Problem this snippet solves:This codeshare entry links to the irules-toolbox repo on Github, where all the iRules samples shared in the old 20 Lines or Less articles are now homed.How to use this snippet:Tested this on version:No Version Found

JRahm by Community Manager
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Create or edit "Charge back Tab" in ELA license

Problem this snippet solves: You are using BiG-IQ or BIGIQ License manager to look after your ELA licenses. The Charge back tag is visible on the customer usage reports, and can be useful if you bill across multiple departments within the account. Wh...

Code to create unreachable ELA license files from BIG-IQ

Problem this snippet solves: *NOTE* if you are upgrading your BIG-IP,please refer to F5 solution: BIG-IQ traditionally expects to be able to reach any BIG-IP devices it is going to license. This code helps...

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