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Problem this snippet solves:

The BIGIPRouteChanger class will connect to two BIG-IPs and allows for changing routes on those two BIG-IPs. In our testing efforts, we change the network configurations between central and remote BIG-IPs and engage or disengage paired WANJets by changing the route table on the two BIG-IPs. This is useful in automating our testing strategy.

Important: This class must be called from within a Ruby program.

How to use this snippet:


Edit the bigip-config.ylm and bigip2-config.ylm files to include the addresses and credentials for the two BIG-IPs.

Edit the NetRouteTable.WSDL and NetRouteTable2.WSDL, changing the 4th to last line changed to include the correct IP addresses for the two BIG-IPs.



Changes the route on BIG-IP 1. This method takes a destination IP, a net mask, and a gateway IP.

changeRouteBigIP1 < IP> < netmask> < gateway>


Changes the route on BIG-IP 2. This method takes a destination IP, a net mask, and a gateway IP.

changeRouteBigIP2 < IP> < netmask> < gateway>

Code :

# ruby file missing
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