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Problem this snippet solves:

This script only converts WSD text file. It does not convert ".ber" files. We may add AppDirector support at some point.

Here is an explanation of the different file from one of our radware experts "Harry Kleinbourg":

For some years, wsd has been replaced by AppDirector product. WSD config files could be saved in a specific format .ber. Then with an external tool, the ber file could be transform into an ascii file. Now, with AppDirector, there's only one format which is a text file. The system config-immediate isn't a config file. It's a command which shows the running config but it doesn't replace the config file. An easy way to check if you have a wsd or an appdirector is to run the command system device-info or to look into the system config-immediate : if the lines begin with "wsd" then it is a wsd, if the lines begin with appdirector then it's an appdirector. Obvious, isn't it ?

How to use this snippet:

The script dumps to stdout, to capture in a file, use:

perl radwareconfigfile > /var/tmp/bigipconf.txt

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‎05-Jun-2023 14:57
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