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This iApp allows BIG-IP administrators to import a script file and run it as a daemon. The iApp will save the script locally as an iFile ensuring that the daemon will become an integral part of the BIG-IP configuration, meaning that it will persist across reboots, upgrades and will be synced to other members within the Cluster.

The script file (or daemon) simply needs to be a file that will run perpetually - i.e. does not exit. It can be written in BASH, Perl, TCL or TMSH, although testing has been limited so please send feedback as to the success/failure of any particular script type.

To manually control the execution of the daemon, the following tmsh command should be used:

daemon-appservicename status | start | stop | restart

How to use this snippet:

Known Issues

This iApp utilises the new iCall functionality that was introduced with TMOS 11.4. As such there appear to be some minor issues when using this new functionality with an iApp.

  1. Ensure that you don't reconfigure an Application Service that was created with this iApp. Instead, if you want to modify it, you should delete the application service and then recreate it.
  2. This iApp also creates a tmsh cli alias. There appears to be an issue whereby the cli alias is not recognised as being part of an app-service. Simply delete the cli alias prior to removing the application service. Deleting a cli alias can be done via tmsh using the "delete cli alias shared appservicename" command.

Contributed by: Mike Crozier

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‎09-Mar-2015 15:56
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