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F5 Employee

Problem this snippet solves:

Here is an iApp which allows you to configure more than 1 virtual server for an application. Built for v11.2.0 but also works in v11.3 and v11.4. Requires LTM by default but you can add AVR is you want. WA has been hashed out but can be re-instate if you require.

I know that v11.4 http default does include some of the configuration choices below. However at the time of writing this iApp back in January 2013 these were not included in the http iApp shipped with v11.2. Also good news is that when I upgraded from v11.2 to v11.3 all templates and application deployments still worked.

Additional configuration choices include:


  • Choose your own Virtual Server name
  • Attach an iRule
  • Persistence choices.
    • Cookie - can modify the cookie name and expiry timeout
    • Source Address - can modify the exiry timeout
    • Universal
  • Select a specific VLAN you want the Virtual Server to use
  • Add an additional Virtual Server if required.


  • Yes / No to use clientside SSL
  • Yes / No to use serverside SSL
  • Create your own clientside or service profiles or use existing ones

Pool & Monitors

  • Attach multiple monitors
  • If create your own HTTP monitor you can also add a TCP monitor if you want


  • Yes / No to use OneConnect
  • Yes / No to use create a caching profile when selecting WAN
  • Yes / No to use an existing caching profile
  • Yes / No to use existing compression profile when using WAN

Contributed by: ccb

Code :

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