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Problem this snippet solves:

The goal of this script is to allow for automate migration from Cisco ACE to F5 LTM configuration. It is now a little bit old and have wanted to add to it and update it for a while but other projects have kept me busy so have made it public (Code can be found here

This have only tested on 11.x and some 12.x configuration and not all configuration items from a Cisco ACE configuraiton convert but you normally get a warning/alert on items you will need to do manually.

How to use this snippet:

Generate the F5 configuration:

python -f <ACE configuration input file> [-o <F5 configuration output file>] [-n NOT FULLY IMPLEMENTED (will disable out, i.e. validation to screen only]

If no output file is defined will output to ACE configuration file name plue '.checking'

Can also run and stay in Python CLI using the -i option e.g.

python -i -f <ACE configuration input file>

After manually checking the output file run the following to generate a clean F5 TMOS configuration file with a .output extension. This .output is the file to be imported into F5 LTM

python -f < checking file>

Tested this on version:


This brings back memories

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