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I've not heard much on the topic of Net Nuetrality for a while. Not in Europe, anyway. In December Wired Magazine covered data-cap legislation introduced in the US Senate. Other than that, its been relatively quiet. Surely the Internet, a service for consumers, businesses, governments, even criminals, has something to offer the debating team?

Fear not, there's plenty to discuss around the water cooler. Last weekend, Kathrin Hille of the Financial Times, reported in World News, "China passes a law to make real-name registration mandatory for internet users". On the 29th of December, "Yesterday, China's rubber-stamp parliament passed a law that makes real-name registration for internet users mandatory.".

The Register's Phil Muncaster posts, "They also raise potential privacy concerns for China’s web users if registration data is not suitably protected by the relevant ISPs and network operators.". Consider Muncaster's comments when reading how easy data theft is in IBM's Trend & Risk report and I think there is plenty of reason for concern.

More on data theft security - "The Network Firewall is redundant".

Published Jan 04, 2013
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