What a tease: AFM the series

Hey there community. We’re a full week now into security month here on DevCentral, but stand back--we’re just getting started! And while we transition our focus away from AFM to highlight some other areas in the remaining weeks of February, rest assured we will swing some major love back toward AFM beginning in March when we launch a 10 part series touring through the Advanced Firewall Manager. We can’t wait to bring it to you! 

To give you an idea what’s in store, take a look through the plan. Make sure to drop any feedback you might have in the comments below, we’ll take that into consideration as we write this series!


This will kick of the series, taking what John tackled on Wednesday and fleshing out more of the finer details in provisioning and basic policy functionality.

Architectural Context

We’ll dive deep into the architecture to define global and local contexts, work through precedence decision trees, and introduce the programmability entrance points.

Policy Building

Policies introduced in part 1 will be smithed into harder, stronger, balanced, more flexible policies to combat all those bad actors out there! Lessons learned and best practices will help you wield a more powerful weapon in the battle.

DDoS Capabilities

AFM shines with DDoS mitigation. You’ll see the many attack vectors handled auto-magically for you, as well as walk through some demos of attack mitigations in action.

Blacklisting & IP Intelligence

He're we'll look at the capabilities to mitigate with IP, locally with blacklisting and then with the intelligence data that updates automatically.

Full Stack Protection

Where does AFM end and ASM begin? That line is a little fluid as there is some shared functionality inherent with both modules TMOS foundation. You’ll see how these two modules complement each other and provide synergistic protection for all layers of your application and delivery infrastructure.


Can it be on DevCentral if we don’t talk iRules? Jury is still out…in the meantime, we’ll circle back to the programmability mentions in the architecture discussion to cover where the opportunities are to engage with iRules and how to do it. We might just drop some iControl goodness on you as well.

DNS Firewall Deployments

Brian talked briefly about this on our AFM roundtable, but here we'll show you how to make one mighty powerful firewall for your DNS infrastructure.

SSL Intercept Technologies

We’ll take a look at why you might want to intercept and how to integrate a couple partner solutions for inbound and outbound inspection use cases.

Published Feb 05, 2016
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