The Mighty Memo

There once was The Mighty Memo,

That you’d type nice and neat.

Telling all your colleagues,

The time and place to meet.


Make it look official,

With your autograph.

Walk it to the mailroom,

And find the mimeograph.


Make enough copies,

For each and every one.

Place it in their mailbox,

That’s how you got it done.


Then came email and texting,

And oh, it was a breeze.

Send it all at once,

And save a few trees.


Those had their own glitches,

Things that brought tears.

Reply All and abbreviations,

‘Did they read that?’ was the fear.


Instant and immediate,

No way to take it back.

Wishing you didn’t click it,

To avoid all the flack.


So here’s to the Mighty Memo,

Direct and to the point.

Delivered to those who need it,

Not to disappoint.






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Published Jul 31, 2012
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