Telecommuting during COVID-19 with F5 Remote Access Solutions - Are you Licensed?

With all the problems COVID-19 is causing, telecommuting will continue to be the norm. Below we've have set up some steps for you to follow in order to determine what you can do (VPN-wise) with your F5 if you have BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) licensed and provisioned.

First we'll determine what your license is set for using tmsh via K15032: Determining license limits of the BIGP-IP APM system:

tmsh show /apm license


The command output appears similar to the following example:

Global Access License Details:
 total access sessions: 2.5K
 current active sessions: 0
 current established sessions: 0
 access sessions threshold percent: 75
 total connectivity sessions: 500
 current connectivity sessions: 0
 connectivity sessions threshold percent: 75
 total swg sessions: 0
 current swg sessions: 0
 swg sessions threshold percent: 75
 total swg limited sessions: 2.5K
 current swg limited sessions: 0
 swg limited sessions threshold percent: 75



How do I determine what's included in my BIG-IP?

Base CCU and Access session by platform with below link, IF you have BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE), Viprion or older platforms see the links at the top of K95135311: The BIG-IP APM platform session capacity for iSeries and Virtual Edition (license v16 and earlier)


How do I tell if I’m using a CCU or Access Session?

To determine how you will be using APM see K13267: BIG-IP APM connectivity license use . This will help determine your Access Session versus User Connectivity License (CCU) need.

For Example: If provisioning a VPN service then a CCU will be consumed per connection

Once you've determined that you have BIG-IP APM licensed and have enough CCU/Access Sessions, head over to F5 Supporting Our Technical Community During the COVID-10 Outbreak article. We've gathered together a list of configuration and troubleshooting guides that have helped our users in the field.


F5 Support and Replacement Hardware

To find out more on F5 Support and Hardware during COVID-19 please review K70811681: F5 response to the global impact of coronavirus

Published Mar 13, 2020
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  • It's unfortunate that you are not allowing burst licensing for this emergency when many other VPN providers are offering this.

  • Hi Misty, F5 is absolutely committed to helping all customers in need of additional remote access capacity during this time! We understand you are in contact with your account manager to help.


    For all customers seeing a spike in remote workers and need more capacity, please contact us here.