Stuff to Watch Out for in 2024

This is a little bit late, the F5 SIRT has been cooking up good things for 2024, so I haven't been able to get this out 'till now. But here are a few things I am expecting in 2024 and all my YouTube recommendations from last year.

So, About 2024

Things I am expecting:

  • SBOMs will drive more complete documentation of third-party CVEs from vendors, including F5.
  • The VEX data format will play a major role in dealing with the large list of CVEs the SBOM effort will produce.
  • Firmware Security will become a big deal as the cost of developing embedded exploits drops.
  • DEF CON will be wild, with the venue change and all the drama around that. It may be smaller, it may be bigger, but it's not going to be the same thing again.

Not-so obvious technologies I am following:

  • LoRa, no not the AI, but the RF interface.    I expect as critical mass around this technology forms with makers, it will be seen more in connected devices.   Personally, I'm going to make it my mission to work it into some wearables this year.
  • Starlink is reaching a critical mass, with T-Mobile support coming and inter-satellite communication being deployed.
  • Tesla's NACS is being taken up by most the North American EV makers and is expected for the 2025 model year.
  • The continued evolution of mainstay tools such as Kali, Ghidra, Metasploit, Flipper Zero, and so on.
  • Software Defined Radio I am expecting to become more and more mainstream with better support on iPhone and Android devices connectivity to and control of SDR peripherals.
  • Specifically, the Flipper Zero will drive more mainstream use of SDR-like technologies and security enhancements driven by the tools being more mainstream.
  • KiCAD is getting to the point where it is challenging other electronic design automation players. I expect it to continue improving at a geometric rate as it sops up all the maker market share.
  • Similarly, with supply chain issues subsiding, I expect low-cost PCB manufacturing to drive innovation in new electronic designs and hacks for existing hardware.
  • Fights over IoT interoperability will continue. I am hoping that players who play nice with Home Assistant will turn out to have made the right call.
  • Lead-Free Solder will continue to improve slowly.    I am switching from SAC305 to REL61.

All My YouTube Channel Recommendations from 2023

Updated Apr 17, 2024
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