Spring Framework Spring-Messaging Remote Code Execution (CVE-2018-1270 / CVE-2018-1275)

In the recent days a critical vulnerability in Spring framework was published. The vulnerable component is Spring-Messaging which is the Spring implementation of WebSockets, Spring-Messaging uses the STOMP messaging protocol as the subprotocol for WebSockets. The vulnerability allows attackers to run arbitrary code by sending a crafted STOMP WebSocket message. A Proof of Concept code exploiting this vulnerability is already publicly available.

Mitigating the vulnerability with BIG-IP ASM

BIG-IP ASM customers with BIG-IP versions greater than 12.1.0 which allows WebSocket inspection are already protected against this vulnerability. The exploitation attempt will be detected by existing Java code injection attack signatures which can be found in signature sets that include the “Server Side Code Injection” attack type or “Java Servlets/JSP” System. Also, operating system command execution signatures will detect the attempt to execute operating system commands as the payload for the exploit.

Figure 1: Exploit blocked with attack signature 200003437.

Figure 2: Exploit blocked with attack signature 200003073.

Figure 3: Exploit blocked with attack signature 200002273.

Published Apr 08, 2018
Version 1.0

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