Solving Secure Mobile Access with F5 and iOS 7 Per app VPN - Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed how to configure APM to leverage iOS 7 Per app VPN.  In Part 2 we'll discuss how to configure AirWatch to take advantage of these features for your iOS device.  This configuration was performed using the AirWatch SaaS offering but on-premise configuration should be almost identical. 

Create Device Profile

1. Create an AirWatch device profile




2. Set your general information for the profile like minimum OS type.








3. Configure the VPN settings:

  • Enter the server URL
  • If you're not using certificate authentication then enter an account name like {EnrollmentUser}
  • Select Per-App-VPN and Connect Automatically
  • Specify any Safari domains that should utilize the per Safari tab VPN functionality
  • Specify authentication type (In my demo I used user certificates)
  • Specify the certificate (you may need to come back and do this once the cert is created)








4. For ease of testing/demo Web Clips puts an icon on the home screen to launch a new Safari tab








5. Upload a user certificate that will be used for authentication against APM








Deploy Device Profile

1. Find your test device and click on it




2. Click on the Profiles tab and deploy your test profile by selecting the Install Profile button on the far right (it has a downward arrow pointing towards a computer and is next to the x)




Yep, it's that simple! 

Published Apr 10, 2014
Version 1.0

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