Security Alliances Update Welcome Versafe!

We have just posted a partnership overview on highlighting our new partnership with Versafe. An Israeli based company focused on providing financial applications protection from threats such as Malware, Trojans and Phishing attacks.  What makes Versafe unique is how they protect applications from infected endpoint devices.  Rather than relying on the user to download a secure browser to access a financial application, a proposition that is risky when relying on end users to download a secure browser for application access, the Versafe product protects the application itself and presents a protected page to the end user. 

What makes the Versafe solution so compelling to me is that they have demonstrate the power of iRules and the criticality of F5 as the crucial point within the environment to provide application security. The fact that F5 has the lions share of the ADC market and the simplicity of integrating the Versafe anti-fraud solution has helped Versafe gain significant traction in the European market. They have now expanded their sales and marketing operation to the U.S., If you are a security professional in the banking segment I would strongly encourage you to check out our recently published partner overview on

I met with the Versafe CTO and representatives of the product development organization this week.  The goal is to build a demonstration and test environment at F5 utilizing the Versafe iRule for demonstration purposes to prospective joint customers.  A further expansion of the Versafe\F5 joint solution might encompass our access product which we will provide more details as they become available.  In the meantime have a look at the Versafe website for more details on their product suite.

That is all for now, as always comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome!

Published May 08, 2013
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