Real Attack Stories: Online Payment Center DDoS

A multi-vector DDoS attack was launched against the F5 Silverline service. This included a 400 Gbps UDP Flood and then a 100Gbps TCP SYN Flood . The Silverline service automatically detected this attack and deployed mitigation actions before our Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts even noticed that the attack was happening. The Silverline service remained operational through the entire attack, and no Silverline customers were affected. The same botnet also attacked one of our online payment application customers, but Silverline detected and mitigated the attack so that the customer was not affected. The attack against our customer was a volumetric TCP ACK attack that peaked at 228 Gbps. Watch the video to learn more about these attacks and how they were mitigated!



Published Oct 16, 2019
Version 1.0

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