OpenStack Deployments with F5 BIG-IP and Cisco Nexus 9000 Switches

Customers are continuing to evaluate and adopt SDN technologies such as OpenStack as a paradigm, technology, optimization method, and operational process.  This begs the questions.  
Will my stuff work?  
How does it work?  
Is it easy to understand?
There are many different ways to answer that, but the overall answers seem to tread to a YES.  As various solutions gain further footings in the market and increased deployments into both lab and production environments, the need to understand both  the basics and also the details about deployments become necessary.  To assist in our constant improvements and learning as individuals, Cisco and F5 have put together a few resources to help.  The latest is an Openstack paper that covers deployments with F5 BIG-IP and Cisco Nexus 9000 switches.
The paper goes into the fine details about using the F5 OpenStack LBaaS plugin with the Cisco Nexus 9000.  It includes an A-Z  walkthrough on how to get the environment up and running and using the plugin.  
For those who are not quite ready for the in-depth details of a Deployment guide, we also have the following videos by F5 and Cisco to help quickly breach the topics.
Published Aug 04, 2015
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