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The last time F5 had a presence at a #devops conference (Glue) we heard the same question multiple times. "What is F5 doing here?" It was a good question, one we couldn't necessarily answer directly because, well, we weren't ready to answer. But this time, when you ask "What is F5 doing at Node Summit?" we're not only ready to answer that question, we're excited to answer it.

Node Summit is a relatively new gathering of business leaders and technology experts coming together to discuss and present on the transformative role of Node.js in computing.

And in the network. 

If you've been following along (and you probably haven't but that's okay) F5 has always been a pioneer in the realm of programmability in the network. We've always been convinced that it is far better to put the power of programmability in the hands of the folks who know their applications and architectures best than it is to try to build a one size fits all solution. Programmability, as promised by SDN and other emerging technologies, ensures the ability to innovate and mitigate on your own schedule, not ours.

We're bringing that attitude to Node Summit with something new, something that puts the power of programmability in the network in a new way. And yes, you guessed it, it involves node.js.

So if you're going to be at Node Summit, you'll want to check out one of our sessions and learn more. If you aren't going to be in San Francisco, you can follow along on Twitter (#nodesummit)  and check this space next week for a more formal answer to the question "What is F5 doing at Node Summit?" 

Tue Dec 3

  • 3:15 PM – F5 Networks Sponsor Workshop: Using Node.js in the network data path to enable DevOps – Robertson Auditorium
    DevOps can now combine the power of Node.js together with the network without managing a custom proxy. Instead DevOps can focus on writing code. We demonstrate cases such as A/B testing, sideband database queries and more using Node in combination with a high performance, highly available, easy-to-manage network proxy.
    David Adrian, LineRate Systems Engineer, F5
    Nojan Moshiri, LineRate Product Manager, F5

Wed Dec 4 

  • 12:05 PM - NodeTalk: Embedding Node.js into a High-performance Network Datapath

    LineRate (now part of F5 Networks) provides a high-performance Layer 7 software network appliance that is fully programmable via Node.js embedded into its datapath. This talk will show how embedding Node.js in this way makes it easy to build complex network services, such as A/B testing, replication of production traffic to staging, XML gateways and API gateways. The talk will also discuss the challenges faced and solutions developed to embed Node.js into a pre-existing sizable C++ datapath.


    Manish Vachharajani Senior Architect, F5 Networks 

  • 2:30 PM - Node.js in the Enterprise

    Hear a wide range of experts discuss how and why Enterprises are opening up to Node.js.

    Scott Anderson, Director and Software Engineer, MasterCard Worldwide

    Lori MacVittie Senior Product Manager Emerging Technologies, F5 Networks

    Chris Richardson, Founder, Cloud Foundry
    Glenn Scott, IT and Product Development, Creative Artists Agency (CAA)


Published Nov 26, 2013
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