Node.js at 100K+ requests per second

Folks that work with Node.js are familiar with the limitations it has. Single threaded nature make Node highly dependent on single CPU performance, which seems to be the main limitation for throughput. Achieving 10K HTTP requests per second is not unheard of, and a barely noticeable breeze in the internet traffic world. Today’s sites are demanding high throughput and spinning new server instances can be wasteful. LineRate offers several ways to optimize your WebApp and resources for high throughput.

LineRate is a high performance Application Proxy with full programmable access to HTTP data path in form of a Scripting API that utilizes Node.js. LineRate has all enterprise grade Load Balancer features such as multiple load balancing algorithms to choose from, connection and session persistence, and SSL offloading. LineRate optimizes available resources to achieve high throughput and 100K+ requests per second.

The scripting API enables developers to reuse their Node.js code and offload simple processing (such as inspecting or rewriting the headers or body of HTTP requests) onto a single LineRate instance. For each HTTP request received, Node.js script code can inspect and modify the request before forwarding it to the web server.

Compute intensive tasks such as authentication or virus scanning could be offloaded to external services in a non-blocking fashion.

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Published Sep 23, 2014
Version 1.0

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