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I suppose I should start this thing with a quick whoami

jmichaels@blog:/# whoami

jmichaels@blog:/# finger jmichaels

Login: -----                       Name: Josh Michaels 
Directory: /seattle       Shell: All
Last login Mon Jan 1 00:00 (PST) on tty1
No mail.
No Plan.

jmichaels@blog:/# history

University Support Technician
Hardware Systems Support: Fortune 50
Network Administrator
IP/DNS Administrator: Fortune 50
Messaging Infrastructure
Security Analyst
Network Engineer

jmichaels@blog:/# groups jmichael

jmichaels :

CFO Black Lodge Research
Defcon Goon
SakuraCon Section 9
ConMonkey Anonymous

jmichaels@blog:/# cat /var/tmp/spaghetti

CISSP,Sec+,CICA, blah, blah, blah

jmichaels@blog:/# cat /var/tmp/blurb

My stance on security is simple. Ask questions till you get an answer, and if the answer doesn’t suit you, try to find a better one.  Goal of my blogging (I’ve been told I have to have one)  is to vent, put ideas out there, and hopefully make people ask questions.  I’ll try to keep the trolling to a minimum.  Take all of my posts light heartedly and enjoy.

Published Dec 20, 2011
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