Migrating DevCentral to the Cloud

It was a huge undertaking and not without considerable concern, but we’re delighted to announce that DevCentral has now fully migrated to the Cloud thanks to our collaboration with Bluelock who provided us with the advanced Cloud design we needed. We undertook the move for a variety of reasons. The first of these was to focus on simplicity. Our new approach allows for simplified lifecycle process when it comes to upgrades and well as reducing complexity for disaster recovery and high availability. By simplifying we’re also able to reduce costs and we gain environment consistency, which supports deployment configuration and testing. In addition to this we’ll also get greater visibility of infrastructure, platforms and applications which will help our troubleshooting activity and closer integration between our ops and dev teams. The move to the cloud therefore allowed us to leverage these new efficiencies and we’re pleased to say without compromising on security (which we see as vital within a cloud-based community). We’re also able to implement the complete range of F5’s virtual editions, for managing our portfolio of ADN solutions. Overall we’re delighted with the move and the new opportunities that it affords us.
Published Jun 15, 2012
Version 1.0

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