Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services)

F5 Networks solutions engineers have worked with Microsoft IIS for over a decade, finding more and more ways for the BIG-IP system to accelerate, optimize, scale, and secure Microsoft IIS deployments. Our deployment guides and iApp templates for IIS are a result of this knowledge and experience, enabling organizations to spend valuable time and resources on other projects.

And not only does F5 save your time and resources, but when the BIG-IP system relieves IIS servers from tasks such as compression, caching, and SSL processing, each server is able to devote more resources to running applications and can service more user requests. 

The following simple, logical configuration example shows the many different options for SSL processing on the BIG-IP system available in the iApp template and deployment guides for IIS.

See to find the appropriate deployment guide for quickly and accurately configuring the BIG-IP system for Microsoft IIS. If you have any feedback on these or other F5 guides or iApp templates, leave it in the comment section below or email us at We use your feedback to help shape our new iApps and deployment guides.

Published Jan 29, 2014
Version 1.0

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