Lightboard Lessons: Why Super-NetOps

Super-NetOps is not a technology, it’s an evolutionary journey. Already featuring two complete classes on integrating NetOps expertise into the benefits of a DevOps world, this training program is poised to help the NetOps professional take a well-deserved seat at the continuous improvement/continuous deployment table. Join me in this latest episode of Lightboard Lessons where I cover why Super-NetOps matters.

This two-minute elevator pitch introducing the Super-NetOps initiative, featuring Nathan Pearce and Hitesh Patel, is worth your time as well.

Are you ready? Pack your bags, sharpen your sword, and start your journey at!

If you have any feedback, questions, concerns, etc, feel free to post below, or for a larger set of eyes, post your response to the discussion thread in Q&A.

Published Jan 30, 2018
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