Lightboard Lessons: Microsoft AD FS Web Application Proxy Using F5 BIG-IP

Many users and organizations want the flexibility and convenience of identity federation and Single Sign-On (SSO) from the corporate network to intranet, extranet, and cloud applications.  Users want to use their corporate login information to access applications outside of the organization...for example, login from the Microsoft/Windows environment and have seamless access to Office 365 and external applications like Salesforce and Concur.  Microsoft utlilizes a Web Application Proxy (WAP) that acts as a gateway product to allow external users to access internal applications (behind the firewall), like Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) for example.

The F5 BIG-IP can be used to provide high availability, performance, and scalability for both AD FS and AD FS Proxy servers using the Local Traffic Manager (LTM) module.  The same BIG-IP can also be used to secure AD FS traffic without the need for AD FS Proxy servers by using the Access Policy Manager (APM) module.  Check out the video below to learn more!

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Published Feb 13, 2018
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