Lightboard Lessons: F5 Access Policy Manager and Okta - Single Sign On and Multi-Factor Authentication

The F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager provides secure access to all your web applications.  Many companies have a variety of users (Employees, Contractors, Partners, Suppliers, Customers, etc) and they also have a variety of web applications.  Some of these applications are capable of utilizing advanced forms of authentication while others might require older or proprietary authentication mechanisms.  This common situation presents a challenge to many companies because they want to give their users a "Single Sign-On" capability but it's very hard to do that when the various web applications require all different forms of authentication.  

The good news is that F5 and Okta have partnered together to create a solution that allows users a Single Sign-On capability with Multi-Factor Authentication while allowing access to all the various web applicatoins that require different forms of authentication. 

The F5 Access Policy Manager provides access to all kinds of web matter what kind of authentication requirements they have.  Likewise, Okta provides identity management for all kinds of users.  Using F5 and Okta together, you can securely identify all your users in one place and then provide those users with secure access to all the web applications they need to do their jobs.  

Check out this video to learn more about this solution!



Published Oct 16, 2018
Version 1.0

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